Alastair Charatan hosts SupplyChainTalk 

Alastair is delighted to be the main host of the weekly live video webinar SupplyChainTalk. Produced by leading media company Business Reporter, the show is broadcast live and unscripted, with no slides or presentations. Each week, 3-4 expert guests join the discussion facilitated by the host. You can also watch past episodes On Demand. See the upcoming and past episodes at: SupplyChainTalk 

Powerful MRP software on a cloud-based model 

MRPEasy is a new model for MRP software, offering the best of all worlds - its functionality is among the best in class, yet it is user-friendly and has clear implementation steps; it is a cloud-based subscription model, and so totally flexible as companies ramp up the number of users and extent of data required, with no minimum periods. Is this the future of supply chain software?

EOC Consulting is delighted to be an implementation partner for MRPEasy, providing the guidance and support for software and data set-up, and also advice on improving operational processes to get the best out of the solution. The combination of powerful software, effective and speedy implementation and process improvement can all be delivered within an affordable budget, for rapid return on investment. See further details on MRPeasy

EOC has worked with many SMEs to configure and implement MRPeasy. Often only a few days of support are needed to design the best configuration and ensure data is loaded and working as planned. The SMEs found that EOC's guidance was valuable in ensuring the design was optimal for their production and supply chain. EOC meant the SMEs avoided spending much time trying out set-up that would not have been right for them, and they made the best use of MRPeasy's powerful functionality.